Edin Berak

At a glance:

Stands a hair over six feet.
Built athletically lean.
Light blue eyes.
Sandy blonde hair.
There is a massive scar that runs from his cheek across his nose.

A narrative to offer some insight:

Eager to be on his way Edin leans down to grab his boots. As he picks one up, he feels an unusual amount of weight within. A quick shake of the boot reveals a rattling sound inside. Both eyebrows rise up as he looks into it and discovers broken shards of glass. Perplexed, he looks around the room and spots the culprit peering at him around a doorway.

"I'm sorry! I wanted you to cut your feet, so you'd have to stay longer and I could take care of you!?" The words tumble out of her mouth as she falls to her knees and sobs. A shake of his blonde head dismisses the disbelief of his situation, and he wanders over to console the melodramatic woman with the promise of returning soon.

Of course there, is no intent to keep his word, but knowing her temperamental disposition the truth likely would have caused far more trouble. Regardless, with the matter resolved he dumps the glass out of his boots and slips them on. After stealing one more kiss from her, Edin snags his rucksack and hastily leaves the lady's estate.

That last peck on the lips is not the only thing stolen that day. Once safely outside the grounds and hidden among the treeline Edin stops to inspect the contents of his rucksack. Inside is a black, leather bound tome containing knowledge that should not be shared.  It is of infernal origin with instructions to various blood rites and other foul rituals.

His attention is torn away from the book, however, as a thunderous explosion shatters one of the glass windows. It appears she discovered his deception. With an exasperated sigh he skulks through the forest and back into town to consider his next move. Perhaps he will make good on that promise of returning after all, but it will be with sword in hand.


Green: Roleplay, consequences, character development.
Yellow: Walk-up sex.
Red: Scat, breaking server rules.

Player is tell and set-up friendly, so if you are interested in RP let me know!
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human