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Race: Human (Calishite)
Gender: Female
Age: 18-22?
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Hair Color: Shiny Black
Skin Color: Darkly Tanned, Bronzed
Height: 5Â’5"
Weight: 110-120 lbs?
Measurements: 32C-25-35

Tattoos: She has a blue lotus flower tattooed atop her left thigh and a black coiled viper at the small of her back.

Once from Calimport, Kassandra now finds herself in Sinfar. She can be secretive and reserved, coy, occasionally sultry, sometimes sarcastic, but generally polite and friendly toward those who might approach her. She enjoys dressing herself in soft, thin and clingy silks to accentuate her slim curves and lightly toned musculature. Many of her garments can be rather scant.

She is a hair shorter than the average human female and her weight balances evenly with her height. She is by no means skinny but she is on the thin side, her frame retaining lightly corded musculature to give her a "fit" appearance overall. She is not, however, lacking feminine curve. Her bust is proportionate to her frame, her rear, while taut, swells nicely to fill out her clothing, most likely her best feature, and often draws a lingering glance from the eye from those who would appreciate such things, and her thighs and calves are nicely toned.

In certain social circles, it is rumored that she used to work for some of the various Pashas of CalimportÂ… although what exactly she did for them is anyone's guess. The same goes for whatever it is that she does here, however, surely there are at least a couple of rumors floating around.

RED LIGHTS: perma-death, underage, ooc grief, god gaming, torture, blood or violence during srp, vaginal sex (sorry!)

ORANGE LIGHTS: While this is not exactly a "light," Kassandra will not respond favorably to romance, cuddling, overly affectionate behavior or less than dominant partners in an ERP context. It's just not what she's interested in!

YELLOW LIGHTS: public sex (while she doesn't necessarily have to be behind lock and key, please take her far from others where it is very unlikely to be walked in on! There are lots of interesting, out of the way places on this server to explore!)

GREEN LIGHTS: prefers dominant males, receiving anal, older partners, overweight partners, monstrous partners, large insertions (11"-15" or so!), humans, orcs, half orcs, dwarves, gnomes, dockworkers, criminals, thugs, nobles, merchants, other unsavory types, multiple male partners, gangbangs, being watched (by other men,) being a temporary and/or discrete pet, double anal, atm, rimming (giving and receiving), fisting (receiving,) being paid or bribed for sex, creative locations, creative positions (she does like to be on the bottom,) being dressed up/down, deserted places, lewd, forward and dirty talk, creative and imaginative scenes, elaborate buildups, including npc's in scenes, dominants, being submissive, being approached, good rp above all else!

OOC: Tell and walkup friendly if you want to set up some kind of RP with Kassandra. Please keep tells NWN-related.

Kassandra can be reached via letters, either delivered directly to her by couriers or delivered to her PO Box in Sinifer City. ((This can be done through tells.))
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human