It'd not at all be uncommon a sight to see this particular dog wandering the streets on any given day or night, darting to and fro from one alleyway to the next. All cities have their share of stray animals and Sinifer was no exception. For the harsh and unforgiving life that this particular hound seemed to be subject to however, he showed little signs of malnourishment or neglect that might lead one to question whether or not if it was truly an abandoned pet.

In a realm such as Sinfar it'd been easy to dismiss the beast as nothing more than some shapeshifter out for a stroll but the dog's mannerisms and nature seemed to do little to reinforce this idea. It's behavior characteristic of such a primitive creature and though the limited amount of intelligence present within both of the beast's eyes displayed curiosity at the random passerby the animal was for all intents and purposes just that, an animal.

Sporting a glossy and sleek coat of hair upon the massive hound's frame, the animal was large even for his breed, the tremendous amount of sinewy and corded muscle was supported upon the four hulking limbs who's gait heralded the beast's approach with the sheer amount of weight of the creature and the scratch and scrape of nails upon concrete far before even any visible signs might've been obvious. Of course this would also be undeniably apparent given other qualities, namely the animal's smell.

Musk if there ever was such a thing, this dog's presence and approach brought with it a pungent and heady aroma of a virile male and it was no secret exactly where it originated from. The source of that powerful bouquet lay there between the hound's back legs and the sight of it to the right individual was likely as breathtaking as the smell itself. The animal was blessed with a length of cock befitting his robust stature, a ruddy and durable sheath housing the knotted and red meat to only allow that tapered lance of it's tip to poke and peek free from the end of it on any given day, and the set of furred over and hefty balls that hung behind that dog's cock appeared perpetually laden and swollen.

Red: Shemales, herms, ladyboys, men, shit

Yellow: Anything shorter than an elf, furries

Green: A lot.

((Tell friendly, shoot me one if you've got questions.))
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Uknown