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Birth Name:- {Pathal Ru'eplith}

Race:- {Barm Cake - Wild Elf}

Elven Age:- {200+}                              

Human Equivalent Age:- {30+}

Interests:- {Drinking. Smoking. Dueling. Humour. Barm Cakes. Tribal Dancing. Stories. History. Painting. Wilderness. Skinny Dipping and socializing with trustworthy individuals}

Dislikes:- {Childlike Personalities. Egotistical Nerds. Muffins.}

The Elf:- {Wintersun had a calming aura that surrounded him, the Elf's intentions for the great of good, always willing to assist individuals less capable when regarded. He owned a lazy posture, heavily slumped against some type of surface, catering for his relaxed state of mind. He enjoyed retirement, mingling and socializing with Races once avoided.

He had a lot of patience and time for most people, analyzing foreign etiquette in a polite fashion. Or so he thought. More often than not, Winter had indulged in fine herbs, the type that swells eyes in a droned stare. He maintained the training required to stay healthy, and never forgot the Strengths gained from years of conflict. But it was still hard to tell. Regardless of the Gun Show.

Reds: Small Characters, Cock, and people who duel box.

Player:Ryan Clad
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Elf