Isa Dana

A tall, youthful, dark haired (and on some occasions, red headed or blond) human girl with pale, smooth skin.  Her sensuous curves add to her grace and are often highlighted in close fitting silk outfits she seems to favour.

Greens: being approached, being dominated, controlled and used in any number of ways, being approached, being drugged, being bound, watersports (but not scat), males (particular favourites are; dwarfs, goblins, duergar, skaven/ratkin and monstrous characters)

Yellows: vanilla sex, excessively large cocks, groups

Reds: scat, vomit, gore, vore, excessive pain/humiliation, pregnancy, scenes in baths/showers, permanent char changes (without prior ooc consent).

Player is tell friendly!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf