Ayrisa Cora

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Do you wear your armor
Or does your armor wear you?
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Cora 'Ayrisa' ta'Scelest


Known As: Cora
Race: Deva
Appearance: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Complexion: Tanned
Hair: Crimson
Eyes: Emerald
Scent: Faint cinnamon


Standing at a willowy six feet tall, her oddly constructed boots lifting her heels off the ground, Cora is graceful in her every movement in a way that bespoke magic's intervention, or else a lifetime of rigorous training paired to uncanny natural ability.  With long legs rising to a shapely rear hugged tight in bands of steel and leather, her narrow waist paired to her top-heavy physique.. the likelihood of her appearance being nature's unusually generous whim decreased the longer one looked, the magics that sculpted this fiery-haired beauty still sparkling emerald in her squinted eyes as she notes another person staring, and smiles.  

Apparently the quiet type, Cora usually hides her figure in an immaculately kept coat of leather and subtle, dully painted metal scales.  With sword at her hip and book in hand the picture is complete- the sturdy scarlet and black outfit of a well-heeled traveler, or perhaps a uniform.  She can oft be found silently staring out to sea, or else observing the goings on about her with a small smile upon her lips.

The lone pieces of impractical accoutrement are the thin cloth choker she wears, holding a small disk of obsidian against her throat.  Once in awhile the stone begins to glow- bright, azure blue.  Then there is the heavy gold ring, adorned with a pair of rubies either side an iridescent opal, that she wears upon her ring finger.

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She has one.  However, talking with her is likely the only way to discern what it is.

It is fair to say there is more to Cora than meets the eye.


Quality conversation unlocks the door
and for a few - so much more.

[+] Characters and stories that grow and develop.  Long term friendships, relationships and romance.
[+] Celestials, paladins & others that know duty, honor and civility.
[+] Cora tends towards being submissive, but not always.
[+] Cora is quite fertile.
[+] Cora is romantically interested in women, becocked or otherwise.
[+] Kinks: see Lewd-List below, or send a tell if interested.

[-] Groups of more than three.
[-] Non-consensual encounters.
[-] ERP with strangers.

[-] The usual unacceptables.
[-] Bathroom stuff and mutilation.
[-] OOC jerks.
[-] Short posts in ERP.

Desire more details?
Find out through RP!

..or cheat and read the Lewd-List:
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human