Before you stands a tall creature of an indiscernable type, but he is certainly not of the natural realm. His features seem human, but a strong sense of magic eminates from the body. Strange, intricate tattoos cover his lean frame and a pair of black leather wings are folded at his back. His deep purple eyes fix on you as you study him and he nods at you with a friendly smile.

Sex: Male
Race: Devil
Age: 168 physically
Height: 6'4"


Kezef is a pit fiend by nature. The phyiscal form you see is a homunculus he had created to inhabit this plane to battle Valsharion during his original invasion. Over the years the homunculus has grown and developed to be more like the original form, but in many way is still limited. His vision and hearing are sub-par to say the least, most of his senses perceived through the tattoos covering his body instead.
He is usually quiet and reserved, carrying himself with dignity as his bare feet tread the ground. His back muscles seem well developed and the wings look big enough to carry him short distances, but it's a rare sight to ever see him off the ground.

Lights: None. RP, use common sense, and don't break server rules. If there is something Kezef doesn't like he'll let you know. Same goes for the player.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human