Riley Softpaw

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RACE: Lynx Tabaxi
AGE: Late Teens
VOICE: American Southern Drawl

The tawny-furred lynx offers a bashful smile and a wag of her cute bobbed tail as you approach. Her curvy, compact form is dotted with faint rosettes that curve down from her neck, along her sides and ending at her thighs. Her slit-pupil eyes shine brightly blue, and her paws on the hands and feet are larger-than-average for a girl her size, much like those of a wild lynx. A slightly-longer muzzle and smooth tongue suggest that while this girl is mostly-feline, some canine lurks in her bloodline.

(Limited playtime means I prefer shorter scenes, just an hour or two at most usually.  Thank you for understanding! <3)

FAVES:  Dominant Males or Shemales of any species (but especially monsters/beasts), Casual Sex, Bareback Sex, Being used/objectified, Multiple Partners, Open or Casual Relationships, Pet-Play, Risk of Impregnation/Breeding, Bestiality, Monsters and Exotic Creatures, Bondage, Cock Worship, Oral Sex, Sloppy Seconds, Musk/Scentplay, Mind Control, and Public Play.  Dialogue in ERP!

MAYBE:  Females, Violently Non-Consensual/Coerced, Vore, Anal Sex, Impossible Insertions.

NOPE:  Mutilation, Scat, watersports. All sexual partners MUST be of adult age, IC and OOC.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human