Prism Au'Tic

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She has mastered her blood and is able to change between her Draconic appearance back to her usual Drow one flawlessly. However any dragon near by will know that her blood is that of a Shadow dragon.

It has been years of adaptation with her new blood, but she can now alter her body size to a point at will. This allowed her to change in other ways, with this she had twin daughters with her partner Shara. She has reasonably changed her view on this change and has grow to accept it.

Wishing to retain her young current self without embracing her family gift, Prism looked for alternatives other than Vampirism to escape her current and future dependency on the Angelf Blood Line. Her solution while not the intentional outcome gave birth to her current appearance.

Mask: will typically wear one

Race: Shadow dragon/Drow/H

Sex: Female****

Eyes: Red/Purple

Hair: Silk white

Sexual Preference: Females

Green: RP, Vanilla, (giving Oral, vaginal o anal) Mostly Dominant, Mostly top, Male in RP. Humans, Elves, Drow, Halflings, Furrys, Demons etc.

Red: Males in ERP


Change between her Birth form, Drow form and Dragon Blooded. Other*

Unchangeable Features:

Despite been able to change into a pseudo draconic appearance and back to drow appearance. Some feature remains static, as is the case of her mismatched eye color.

Oloth's  Ul'Veldriss

Known Family ties:

This character is Old - will avoid pvp
* - This is subject to change depending on situation, but will remain as is for 98% of the time.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf