Sapphira Nahash

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Alias: The Sapphire Star
Race: Fallen Archangel (Wrath)
Occupation: Hellfire Guild Dominatrix
Gender: Pure Female
Orientation: Dominant Lesbian

"I was born to rape angels"

Whites: Corrupting Innocents, Collaring Slaves and Pets, Dominating Submissive Women, Hard and Strict Pet and Pony Training, Dehumanizing, Humiliating, Bestowing Generous Rewards and Harsh Punishments, Sexually Torturing Masochists, Cute Little Kittens.

Greens: Kinky and perverted things, including but not limited to Abuse, Angels, Bad Girls, Ball-Gags, BDSM, Begging, Blindfolds, Bondage (light to hard), Bonds, Caning, Catlings, Chastity, Choking, Claiming, Clothed Sex, Collaring, Confessions, Cuddling, Cunnilingus, Denial, Dilapidation, Demons, Devils, Dildos, Discipline, Dominance, Dragons, Electricity, Exhibitionism, Fisting, Flirting, Flogging, Forced Orgasms, Good Girls, Gorean, Heat, Humiliation, Ice, Latex, Leashing, Magic, Masks, Masochism, Mirrors, Needles, Nipple-play, Pet-play, Piercing, Pony-play, Power-play, Public Sex, Punishment, Restraints, Sadism, Seduction, Shibari, Slapping, Slavery, Spanking, Striptease, Submission, Suspension, Telepathy, Tentacles, Torture (sexual), Vampirism, Voyeurism, Wax-play

Yellows: Abduction, Anthros, Bestiality, Body Modification, Goblins, Kobolds, Hin, Imprisonment, Rape

Reds: Males, Shemales, Herms, Mutilation, Toiletplay, Torture (non-sexual)

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human