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Sex- Male
Age- 25 would be a decent estimate.
Height- 6'2
Weight- it is difficult to place, given his lean and somewhat feminane build.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Faded Blue.
Skin Color: Pale.  
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Human, by best guess.

Lights- Dyne is open minded and easy going about sex with the right people. Male, Female, Mixed Genders, large, small, wide and tall. The player is what breaths life into their character, and as long as the player shows heart and effort everything is enjoyed from Plain Vanilla to Rocky Road.

Alignment: Neutral with (rarely) good tendencies.

A beautiful young man. Fair of skin and fine of feature, with high cheekbones and piercing blue eyes which seemed to look as much through a person as at them. They were old eyes, the sort with many tales to tell that were not for the years of the young or the hopeful.

His build is delicate and graceful, if perhaps a touch feminine. Long strands of shadowed hair seeming ever at war with the attractive expanse of his face, often being brushed from his eyes, safely tucked behind an ear, or thrown back over a shoulder to fall down along his the blades of his back.

He dressed the look of a mage, and given his refined appearance it was difficult to see him in any other profession. His garments consisted of a simple and well fitting top as well as a silken wrap about his hips which fell to the ground in a pool at his feet. On his wrists were two ornate bracers, decorated with simple metalwork, and the only true objects of value that seemed apparent on his person.  

When approached Dyne's voice gives away several things about his person. Despite his frankly "pretty" appearance, his voice bears a depth which stands as a stark masculine contrast, both in tone and the authoritative manner it carries.  It is more befitting a noblemen's court then the streets or an adventuring life, While he is quick to dismiss such inquiries, it does raise questions about his past.

Still, it is difficult to shake a feeling that something is out of place with this man. He seems... wrong. Not in a way that is evil, or malicious, rather he feels like a late addition to a painting... something never intended by the original artist's hand.


and then he smiled.

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf