Brae Artis

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Brae Artis:

Height- 4'10
Weight- 129lbs
Age- 30ish
Hair- Raven Black
Eyes- Emerald Green
Skin- Pale and Creamy
Build- Curvy, just enough to hold onto without being flabby.
Role (Dom/Sub)- 20/80


From time to time Brae now appears rather differently from her usual self, standing at 5'11, bustier, curvier, taller, and much more... blue than usual.  


Brae is a very short woman, only as tall as an elf really, though she is human.  She looks to be neither middle aged nor quite young anymore, still in the prime and not yet fading with old age.

Brae has dispensed with the scarlet-red hair she has worn for years and returned herself to the natural colour of her hair.
Now her head sports shoulder-length locks of shiny, silky black hair.  She is possessed of a soft-featured and pleasant face.  A pair of finely maintained eyebrows, the same colour as that on her head sit above a pair of bright green eyes.  Just below her nose a pair of lips, adorned with a matte lipstick that matches her hair, sit with a regular smile upon them.  Though sometimes she does adopt a somewhat superior looking expression, a little look of the nobility's casual and easy holier-than-though attitude.

Her chest is substantial, to say the least, each breast approaching the same size as her head alone!  Her nipples are a little on the large side, in proportion to her breasts which are unnaturally pert for their size.  Showing hardly even the barest hint of sagging.  Below her breasts her tummy is flat, very flat.  She has a tattoo about her navel, a stylized ring of black ink with various little protrusions stretching out up to half an inch away from the ring itself.  Those with magical knowledge might notice that it emanates a weak magical aura about Brae.


* Greens: Generally into bondage, BDSM, and rough stuff.  Very few limits! Other favourites include anal, giving and receiving oral sex and forced/dubiously consensual scenes.

* Reds: Scat play, scent-play and uncleanliness.

Player:Eva Kova
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human