Ka'E Au'Tic

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RP / Oloth Lle'isgar Drow Faction

A Drow female, Ka'E Au'Tic has medium dark skin with violet eyes. Her build is lithe athletic, with well toned muscles, sharp nails and white hair with a wisp of almost blue highlights. She stands 5 feet even and weighs around 100 pounds. She walks with confidence as any drowess of Lolth would. She wears an amulet that appears as a golden stylized A, the mark of her house.

(If you decide to look closer send me a tell for further details, depending on what she might or might not be wearing at the time)

REDS: Anything Against Server Rules, being naked anywhere outside, any permanent markings, scars, or changes without my consent.

I tend to use short, quick, consecutive emotes, rather than take a long time to write out a paragraph all at once

DISLIKES  God Moders, Metagamers, Using / Having Powers, Abilities, Spells, & or Devices that do not exist.

Please don't use the binder tool, too many have broken my reds with it. after I know you that can change. I will rp "being captured" as the situation dictates.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf