Kiriel Lunacroix

Kiriel is very much a city girl: well cared-for features, elegantly graceful posture and mannerisms, and a courtly accent. Certainly not someone who grew up on the streets.

However, her “clothes”, if they can be called such, are hardly ladylike, or even clothes for that matter. Mere strings and straps straining to hold in place, they show almost every detail of her pert body.

Her non-attire does little to hide her dancer-like tone and form. Limber and agile, but too delicate to be a warrior by any stretch. Her skin, smoothly honey-tanned all over, suggests even her butt is quite accustomed to being all but naked.

Certainly, Sinifer has not been the best influence for an impressionable young elf, though she seems to have adapted well. At least, she seems to still believe enough in modesty to keep whatever little remaining she has on her.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf