Kiriel Lunacroix

Kiriel is very much a city girl: well cared-for features, graceful posture and mannerisms, and a courtly accent suggest years of good upbringing.

Except for the way she dresses, if she can even be considered dressed at all. The skimpy strings or straps she wears can barely pass for clothes. Stretched tightly over her pert body, they would squeeze against her soft curves to leave almost every inch of her body exposed.

Her scantily-clad form is pleasing to the eye at least. Her skin glows with a warm, honeyed tan, from her youthful elven face, down her lithe shoulders to the soft, fleshy cleavage and sides of her D-sized chest. Past those heaving mounds, her taut tummy and firm thighs seem to see the same amount of sun. Even her pert rear cheeks hanging freely out of what’s usually no better than a thong or g-string.

Whatever little she’s somewhat covering still hints at every bump and slit that should have been left to the imagination. It’s almost as though she doesn’t mind being this shamelessly bared to the world.

That would probably be true until it gets cold or someone brings attention to her. Though it wouldn’t be rare to see her caught in… exciting situations as well. Enough to assume any semblance of modesty she has doesn’t last long, much to her embarrassment.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf