Rollav Thell

Portrait Save
Middle aged man covered in scars, who carries himself with military pose. Always smokes a cigar, except when he wears a helmet. There seems to be an odd aroma piercing through the smoke, a slight whiff of brimstone though sometimes, just for a moment, one can catch a terrible stench in their nostrils - the unique putrid smell of a drowned corpse. Combined with some odd traits of this man, such as his claw - like steel gauntlets, that seem to fit his hands perfectly and which he never takes off, and sharp, shark - like teeth, it give a certain odd vibe to his looks, especially combined with ever - present roguish grin, that makes his jagged teeth shine like a silver coin behind chimney sweep's ear. A long scar from a sword cuts the man's left cheek in two, making it look like he is constantly smirking a weird half-smile. He keeps his hair a bit longer, sometimes wrapping it in a tarred ponytail.

Those with an enchantment of True Seeing'd spot something rather uncomfortable about the man. If one wishes to pierce further with the illusion, they can catch a glimpse of a monstrous form [OOC: Please write for details if you'd attempt to see the true form]

There's a tattoo on the man's back, just beneath the neck, depicting an eerily detailed, protected by a circle of Abyssal runes of binding, set of screaming in pain lips. In true form, the tattoo'd disappear, revealing instead a reflective surface of a pulsting with pale, smokey light, black crystal.


Reds: Paedo, diaper play, Breaking server rules
Yellows: Men/Shemales/Herms, being a sub. Mechanical NWN PvP (description-based much preferred, but ooc consent can happen).
Greens: Everything else

OOC: If you'd like to attempt to summon Rollav, as he is a demon and bound by their rules, please send me a tell to specify the details - in general, the ritual ought to be at least somewhat aquatic in nature.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Orc