Aabezeth d'Zau'lyl


     -Basic Information-

     Name: 'Aabezeth'
      Race: Batrachi
 (Will say, 'Aab' to most)
    Hair color: Changes
    Eye color: Golden(Right),
   Age: Unknown
  Gender: Androgynous
(Appears Male in Most forms)
   Orientation: Asexual
     (Could Change)

What you see, is something primitive, yet civilized, It's voice is grim and cold, yet relaxed and warming. It's ramblings are lined in foolishness and boarderline Insane, coating over Logic and cautiousness. It's apperance is something overwhelmingly beautiful, yet dangerously hideous just lurking underneath.

 The longer you stare apon this walking puzzle, it just seems to stare back, a Curious, friendly gleem in it's golden eye, a feral darkest hunger, to conqure and enslave in the Emerald.

 Aabezeth, overall can be considered unpredictable, almost dangerously so. Aabezeth finds most Males and female, curious, and it shows in it's movements, and the way it looks and occationally sniffs in the direction of females, males, shemales, and everything in between. It's gaze, always watching, learning, and perhaps.. Adapting?
 Aab also seems to pay close attention to those who would be attempting to sneak around, baring a rather excellent sight. It's nose, especially in Catlingand animal forms, baring the keenest sense of smell, Curiously drawing towards those in 'Heat', not out of lust, or desire, but of innocent(If abit dangerous) curiosity.
    What lies in it's soul is
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf