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Race: Displacer Beast Anthromorph
Sex: Female
Age: 22 (Human Equivelent)
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 112 lbs.
Skin: Ebony Black
Hair: Long, Deep Purple
Eyes: Glowing Radiant Green
Figure: Voluptuously Curvy
Measurements: 34II-24-36

Sexual Orientation: Omnisexual
Sexual Preference: Usually Submissive

Occupations: Cat, Hunter
Deity: None
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

       General Description

This woman was obviously some sort of feline breed, very cat-like in her appearance. She was quite attractive for those that find such animalistic women so, a lovely blend of humanoid and feline, with a cute face, gorgeous figure, and stunningly seductive assets. Her skin was an ebony black, though tinged with purple, that skin soft and smooth, though in places she did have a soft, fine ebony fur, such as her lower back and the base of her tail, and on her lower thighs and legs. Her hair was voluminous and flowing, a deeper shade of purple than the near black of her skin, cascading messily over her shoulders and chest. Atop her head were two very cute cat like ears.

Her chest was quite noticeable, rather large mounds of soft flesh adorning the lovely feline woman. Each was full and round, sagging only slightly under the weight of those soft, natural orbs, shifting and jiggling pleasantly with every movement she took. Given the nude state she is most commonly in, her nipples are quiet visible, puffy aereolas with nice plumped teats crowning those soft, delicious ebony mounds.

Moving down her body, one would come to her tummy, a narrowed, waspish waist and flat tummy that flared out to rounded, child-bearing hips, and her rear was a delightful pair of plump, round luscious ass cheeks that jutted out from her often arched backside pleasantly, jiggling a bit with each of her strides seductively.  Between her full, rounded thighs one would find her feminine sex, a delightfully plump little set of lips on that kitty's cunt, often slick and almost dripping in her juices, as though this creature was designed for carnal pleasures.

Further down, her legs took on a much more animalistic look, feline legs from the knee down, ending in large, purplish paws. A long cat tail protruded from just above her big, round ass, swishing and coiling back and forth energetically. Occasionally, long tendrils sprouted from her back, ending in spiked pads of flesh, leaving no doubt of her displacer beast heritage.

She wore next to nothing, simply a collar around her neck, imprinted with the name "Midnight". Attached to it was a few rings, and a small, silent cat-bell, as well as what appeared to be some teeny pouch, perhaps for a few belongings.

     OOC Notes and Lights

Reds: Scat. Excessive Gore. Excessive Cruelty. Vore. Overly Dirty/Filthy partners. Pedophilia. Stealth ERP creepers! Douche-bags. God-gaming and meta-gaming. Anything not mentioned here, that is against the server rules. People that think breasts over a D-cup are "unrealistic", seriously! Power to the naturally busty women of the world!

I am tell friendly, if you have questions about one of my characters, though I do ask to keep attempts to actually set up RP to a minimum!
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Race (Visually): Elf