Remona Kouya

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Yet another random red haired drow with a strange clawed ring on her finger that refuses to be removed it glows with a dull glimmer. She is also wearing a white gold necklace with an opal that matches her hair. On her head is a fine hat that seems to shift into various different styles on a whim.. usually her whim. Her azure eyes are often hidden behind a set of purple shades that glimmer with strange runes along the lens at times. Other than that her outfit are as chaotic and random as one might expect around the city, Ranging from reasonably modest to outright naked at her personal varying preference.

From time to time Remona is also seen with a small raven on her shoulder. If anyone is familiar with it the Raven is the same one Sonatine used to keep on their shoulder.

(Spellcraft DC:55) You note that her hair is in fact enchanted.

Reds: Anything against the rules. If you don't know then I kindly advise you to look at them. Also anything belonging in a bathroom.

Yellows: I'm pretty much up for anything but if something does put me off I'll let you know in a tell.

Green: Equal opportunity orgasm enthusiant

Reasonably tell friendly.

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf