Elleare d'Angelo

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~ To be designed is to have purpose;
To not be lost hoping to find one. ~

Race: Construct
Gender: Female

A dramatic cobalt blue identifies this woman at a first glance - every inch of her form a translucent, smooth material sculpted into a depiction of effeminate lust and larceny. A designed construct, a familiar, built and designed - and left to roam the Sinfar Isles, as a carnal mimicry life.

She presents herself in dramatic intensity - her profile is full, plush, a build of a woman brought forth from the wandering mind of fantasy. All from the golden pools of her eyes, to the delicate, oft-exposed feet of that woman marked by a love of sensuality. The profile of her hips flares out into an eagerly presented, near-matronly curve - as her bust marks itself as heavy and soft, brought to a subtle sag by their weight. From above that rear came a long, spaded tail that happily swayed between her mimicked breaths.

Her face is similarly marked with a love for vivid eroticism. Her lips are plush, presenting themselves in a perpetual pout that happily displayed the woman's every beloved smile and sardonic smirk alike in depraved passion. Above, her eyes are a deep gold - the only feature of that woman's body that dared depart from its favoured hue in any regularity - and marked by a gaze that seemed forever amused at some joke. All framed by long, thick hair of blue - even if a keen gaze surely noticed the smooth profile of her hair looked constantly wet, with how the material of her form struggled to keep those tendrils together and consistent.

Her nature, of course, was that of a construct - a designed being. An amorphous creature whom had been bestowed a form to surely entertain while performing whatever purpose she had been built for. She seemed forever curious about the behaviours of the mortal races, and often confused by matters more emotional or sentimental - a wide-eyed naiveté at contest with her certainly eager, erotic mind. She was a creature that mimicked life, appearing as an actor in a perpetual role - from every sway of those hips, to every laugh and purr of delight.

And that all in a person that came to truly detest being poked.






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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human