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Update: There is a collar around her neck with a tag that says "Property of Drachirat". She also appears to be chained to the wall in the Court of Dust, by a lengthy chain that allows her to move around the bar, if not leave it. The sign on the wall of the bar seems to suggest she's been forced into prostitution as well as tending the bar.

Note: This character sometimes uses Disguise Self to change her appearance, or may be disguised

Normal Appearance:

Nathshalee is unusually short for a Drow, standing at only 4'2" (1.27m), and her body is quite petite, lacking much muscle at all. When not covered: her skin, it is a dark ebony, smooth and unblemished, her eyes are a bright violet hue, seeming a bit large for her small face, and her hair is long and white. The curves of her female body appear quite subtle, with the exception of her large breasts, which seem a bit generous for her tiny frame, though not ridiculously so. Her waist is narrow, and her hips broaden out enough to appear feminine, if barely.

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf