Name - Azura
Age - ???
Race - Anubis
Sex - Male
Orientation - Straight

The tall dark and well muscled form of this creature tends to stand out in a crowd, when he wishes to be seen that is, his body covered in a short soft almost silk like fur that does not hinder the appearance of his well muscled chest and arms, his eyes shine with a golden hue as he peers around his new surroundings.

Once a shadow guard to an ancient line of kings, he lurked in the shadows, always at the side of his lord and master, the promise of freedom fuelled his devotion to his lord of which he never failed, his lord finally succumbing to old age rather then assassination, but the freedom he thought he would receive at the end of his duty was not to be so, cursed and turned to stone he was placed in the tomb of his lord to be his eternal silent guardian, only to awaken when the tomb was intruded upon, but time dwindles all, the tomb became nothing more than dust and ruins buried in the sand, his curse weakening as the walls around him did and one day a band of explorers uncovered the long buried tomb, as the dragged the near perfect statue out into the light of day for the first time in an age it began to crack and chip, the stone encasing him falling apart, his lord was no long even a corpse, just dust in the air they now breathed and so to now was the curse upon him, with freedom at last he heads to a new world to see what his freedom will bring.

Reds -
Scat, Watersports, Vore, Mutliation, Herms, Males, She-males, Anal (receiving)

(Tells for rp, questions, hunts ect are welcome ^^ )
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human