Amber Dawn el'Liani-S'erminutue

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Race: Tiefling.
Height: 5'10.
Hair Color: Dark Red.(Dyed Dark)
Eyes: Cerulean.
Gender: Female.


A fiery, young soul standing at five foot, ten inches with a softly glowing, azure pair of sparkling eyes; confident and playful.  Amber usually kept herself in a gruff state of brush the hair, and forget about the rest after she bathed.  She chose to go mostly without makeup, and often kept her hair up so that it was out of the way when she was working; training; what-not.

The daughter of an alu, with the soft glow of her eyes, she was given away from the darkness before she was ever seen; but when she came into view, she carried herself with a care-free gait, but always alert.  Always friendly, but reserved.  She usually smiled, winked, or waggled her fingers at anyone that addressed her in passing.

Amber was blessed with the figure of her parents rather well.  The combined visage of athletic prowess and the pleasing curves of a lady.  She probably knew this well, although she rarely ever made anything of it at all.

Her way of dress was more for comfort, and purpose, rather than for showing herself off.  But there were occasions when she decided to put herself into something that showed herself off a bit.

She carried a staff on her back, that was decorated on it's head-piece with a large, pulsing, red heart.  Sat on her hips on one side was often a huge falchion; scimitar strapped to the other.  And usually with a shield on her back.

Her armor was mostly leather, and fashioned to give her stance an ease of integrity, with the freedom to move about.

For lights, keep general maiming, filth, and shit/vore/vom away from her.  The rest is fine within the context of IC.
Player:Better Than Sliced Bread
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human