Amith Tye'lin

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This character is a shapeshifter, so if the described appearance doesn't match the ones on the bio or pic, that's why! In doubt feel free to ask anything via PM.

General Information

Age: Somewhere between 160 and 1600
Deity: None at the moment.
Alignment: Neutral Good, leaning on chaotic.

 Physical Information

Race: Shapeshifter/ former drow
Height: 1,56m or 5'1 (rarely changes)
Weight: Recently having a bit of extra paddings, looking bit thicker then your usual elfies.
Eye Color: Emerald green
Hair Color: formerly silvery white but can be seen blonde when feeling like having a fair skin or even other colors, who knows?
Body Type: Curvy, plump.

Ps: If need a reference for catlike shape looks, that's the close you can ever get:

Even tho being a shapeshifter Amith have some guidelines on her personality, she's a very welcoming person and tends to treat everyone fairly, she has an aversion to conflicts so she tends to get away when stuff gets too hairy or just end up submitting when the matter doesn't seem important enough for arguing, tending to see every matter on a quite light and carefree way.

Aside from that, her mood seems to be very unstable, easily going from cheerful to moody. The same tends to happen on bed moments switching from bossy to submissive quite easily depending on how imposing and convincing the other part seems to be on their claim, adapting to the situations in a rather fluid and sometimes even unintentional way.

She tends to worry too, a little too much even when she didn't needed too which might make her act odd sometimes.


 As odd as it might be for a shapeshifter of her level she would still have a mark on her body, a scar on her right hand, thin and barely visible when on her dark skinned shape. It would be seen on both her palm and the back of her hand like if something pierced through.
 Ami would seem to be quite fond of piercing too, as one could immediately notice the little silvery stud she has on her right nostril as well as the ring piercing in the middle of her pillowy lower lip. She still has two others not so visible ones being one on her tongue and the other one being stud on her clit hood.


   She would seems to favor symmetry quite a lot on her shapes as she just rarely would have one with unproportional curves, even if it seemed to keep her breasts around C and D cups depending on her shape if more curvy or thin. The curves would be perfectly crafted tho, her tush would be delightfully bubbly and heart shaped being nice enough to offer a handful for most people who have the opportunity to claim those pillowy cheeks as well as the most delightful jiggle when spanked.


  Her facial features usually doesn't change in between her humanoid shapes, making it easier for people to identify her, her face would most of the time keep the angular elven beauty, with those expressive bright emerald eyes a a little perky nose resting over that cheeky smirk on her plump lips.


Reds: Only true red thing are rule breaking(duh). I'd rather avoid gore/guro too, but will really play along with anything as long as it makes sense.

Yellow: Appointments. I'm terrible with those... And grinding, NWN is way too old to offer me any amusement out of killing mobs, so unless there is good reason/rp leading to it...meh.

Green: All the rest is good! If you'r in doubt just ask, i'll most likely be up to anything as long as it sounds fun and as long as i have time.
(for a bigger list ask for f-list or whatnot.)

 I'm very tell friendly, you can use and abuse it.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf