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This woman was tall, slender, elegant. Her hair fell in dark auburn waves about her shoulders, framing either side of her angular face. Her smile was usually gracious and restrained, diplomatic in all the ways that mattered. Her speech was little different, Genevra wielding her smoky, breathy voice with a confident ease that belied her apparent youth.

The girl could look indeed young, not far out of her teenage years, were it not for her twin viridian eyes. They guaranteed many years more experience than Genevra seemed she could have. One eye, it was very apparent, had barely survived an injury that had left her dark brow and cheek unpleasantly scarred. Another scar, white and puckered, marred her chin. She neither hid nor flaunted the injuries, though along with the somewhat severe set of her brow and her sharper features, the scars did little to make her look amiable.

Genevra dressed well, enjoying jewelry and finer things, all the while carrying with her a physician's tools and a courtier's practiced air. She wore atop her brow a diadem, a single faceted gem at its middle seated between her brows.

//OOC: In ERP, the usual reds of bathroom things apply. Not interested in femboys or traps, all other genders and races may apply.
Feel free to ask for favourites and act as your character would, but Genevre is not intended to be easily won over!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf