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~ Della, The Ditzy Bimbo ~

Race: Human (Distant Planar Ancestor)
Age: 20 (ish)
Height: 5'3" (160 cm) - 5'11" in heels
Weight: 128 lb. (58 kg)
Eyes: Sky Blue
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Bust Measurement: 46in / 124cm
Waist Measurement: 20in / 51cm
Hip Measurement: 36in / 91cm
IQ (Apparent) : Bimbolicious
Libido : Extreme
Gifts : Natural Sorcery (Untrained - see the very bottom for how it works)


With her cheap makeup, scandalous clothes and trashy jewelry this young lady looks every bit the Siniferian slut. Della is usually to be seen strutting about the lanes of the city or haunting one of its many sleazy venues, mostly just enjoying all the attention.

She evidently does not care to do anything constructive, and her heavy, cheap perfume still often fails to fully conceal the unmistakable scent of sex. One rarely sees her without some token of indulgence, be it a few telltale patches of seed on her chest or perhaps reddish hand prints decorating her round, often partly-exposed rump. She's often slick inside from recent use and one might note a few driblets of pearly lewdness slowly crawling down one of her lovely thighs. If ever there was a good example of a cum dump, it would be Della.

In terms of first impressions, the overwhelming one is, quite simply, "blonde bimbo". Della looks and dresses like the kind of girl who relies on her gorgeous body and nothing else... from her platinum blonde hair and big, unintelligent looking blue eyes, to her vapid, pouting expression she looks every bit the stereotypical dumb blonde. The slutty and utterly tasteless clothing and the annoying wad of bubble-gum that she's always noisily chewing would re-enforce the impression, as would her gaudy tramp stamp lower-back tattoo which bears the simple word, "SLUT" in simple script, printed upside-down so that men can read it while she's sucking them off.


As is sometimes the way of the world, there is often more than first meets the eye. Besides the steamy body, Della is gifted not only with a fairly acute intellect but on top of that, an innate talent for storing up and then channelling arcane energies. In fact Della's great grandmother was a half-erinyes, and Della has inherited her sorcerous talent from this ancestor. Della's magic is untamed, bordering on the chaos of a wild mage, and her power is unsurprisingly fueled by sexual release. Each orgasm Della receives or gives her partners acts to recharge her arcane reserves and they can reach dangerously high levels if left unchecked. Since her amazing talent depends upon this and as most spells require a significant "charge" to cast, it is hardly a surprise that the poor girl has completely fallen into a depraved and recklessly slutty life. It is certainly possible that someone could take her under their wing for proper training, although Della would surely prove to be a frustrating and dangerous pupil.

In spite of this near-overwhelming sex drive it is still the case that Della is quite a bit more intelligent than her bimbo-persona suggests. Della is more than capable of holding her own in a conversation and shows a sharp wit at times. The trick, then, is to somehow encourage her to show her smarter side... if anyone should care enough to do so.


Since she devotes almost all of her time toward being appealing, Della is a knockout. Her smallish face is lovely with a narrow chin and oval structure, enormous blue eyes encircled by vast amounts of eyeliner, and a button nose. Her thick, Cupid's Bow lips have been surgically puffed to the point that they jut forward, slightly parted, in a perpetual spoiled-brat pout. A side effect of this is that those plushy pillows are now extremely over-sensitive and Della has gotten into the habit of constantly moistening them with her tongue, making her seem even more eager and lustful.

Below, tapering down to small shoulders from a long, gracefully smooth neck, Della's body is petite yet endowed with a set of improbably prominent and over-firm breasts. High, taut, and almost perfectly rounded, Della's bust is -very- obviously artificial, enhanced by implants to the point of being the very archetype of "porn star tits". She's proud of them nevertheless and dresses to show them off at every opportunity. They are even more dramatically offset by the incredibly tiny waist just below them though thankfully the roundness of her wide, womanly hips helps to balance things. They sway and gyrate as if in a constant dance, and with her posture and high heels they curl back to hitch a tight, high ass into view. Della's long, shapely, athletic legs stretch down to stilt-like heels, and are set wide enough apart that virtually every pair of shorts or slacks she wears bears an extremely prominent "camel toe" effect which she does absolutely nothing to conceal.

Such a body is never displayed without careful preening and dress. Besides that lush mane of platinum blonde hair. Della's outfits are the epitome of sluttiness: ultra-tight shorts, semi-transparent sports tops and elastic yoga-pants make up much of her wardrobe. She spends hours primping and dolling herself up, and routinely exercises to keep in shape via gymnastics, calisthenics and jogging to keep that body of hers firm and flexible. Tanning sessions and the application of a subtle skin-gloss makes her smooth skin even more appealing. Della is willing to go to nearly any lengths to maintain her allure.

Easily settling into the lazy life of a Sinfarian, Della seems fairly content, always finding satisfaction in self-degradation and sin. One would need to get to know her before she would begin to reveal her inner-self, of course, but she is hardly difficult to approach and her "motives" are generally not all that difficult to penetrate.

(Della's Natural Eromancy)
As stated above, Della is a natural arcanist who casts through willpower and talent rather than study, however she does not accrue energy normally. Needing to "charge" via sexual energy, a single good orgasm is usually enough for a handful of cantrips or low-level spells. Alternatively, one might be needed for each mid-level spell she might attempt, and high-level magic is extremely demanding. Depending on the effects, such powerful magics require Della to push herself to her limits, fucking to the point of exhaustion all night, perhaps even several nights.

Just witnessing sexual acts and being around highly arousing situations has a lesser effect, and self-pleasure is never quite as effective as sex with partners. Della seems to gather the most energy when her partners release inside her, so she very seldom asks a man to pull out, or declines to swallow as the case may be. Even when Della does not cast a spell right away, the act of gathering sexual energy is an addictive one and has led Della steadily into an ever-more reckless lifestyle.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf