Zachary Beaudelaire

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Updated Lights 24/01/23

Older than he once was, and wearier, he nevertheless retains that handsome demeanor, and his gaze remains ever intense.

Standing tall, blue eyed with reddish blonde hair, he has the rigid stance of a knight, coupled with martial gear that he is seldom - if ever - without.  He is powerfully built, clearly a warrior first and foremost, and that strength has never faded.  Once a resident of Sinfar, he has been long departed from here due to duties he could not ignore.

Married now, with a different last name and a different outlook on life, his wife and children are kept safe elsewhere while he attends to other matters in the old home they once shared.  It is clear, that some large part of him does not wish to be back in Sinfar, even if familiar faces bring memories flooding back - however rare they might be - but nevertheless he is undeniably returned, to see to whatever mysterious task that has brought him here.

But he is alone, where he once had support.  Without connections he once had and with enemies - and more subtle, deadlier threats - still waiting for him in these lands of sin.  His resolve wavered in these places once before, and badly.  Shall it do so again?

Themes:  Unwilling adultery, corruption, demonic and vampiric seduction.  Predator and prey (as prey) and the inexorable pursuit leading to the fall.

Whites:  Females, mixed genders, trans, femme presenting, femboys.  Non human, anthro and monstrous types - succubi, incubi, vampires and the like who would desire to take from him all of his purity and more.  While he may resist the temptation - or present a show of it - there is a weakness enough in him to make succumbing to it likely, if not inevitable.  Unwilling adultery, as his resistance is broken down to where it becomes wholly willing.  Vaginal, anal (!!), oral of all kinds, pregnancy or the threat thereof, excessive amounts of cum, femdom (!!), directness, sexual exhaustion (!!) and aftercare (!!).  Being on the receiving end of blood loss, mind control, corruption and bodily changes, life force and soul draining (to the point of no return and beyond, eventually).  Drawn out scenes, LONG and detailed posts, use of onomatopoeia and verbality, dirty talk, and most assuredly, being seduced by the enemy. Things are better with time as well - so repeated scenes to gradually get to a point rather than sudden ends are vastly preferred.  On such a note, bad ends/snuff are a viable option, via soul vore (oh my yes), blood drain, absorption, soft vore - preferably after repeated scenes and gradually breaking him to the point of it being a twisted form of submission.  

On a last note here, I prefer lengthy scenes but understand time constraints being what they are.  Just be assured that I will be for my own part prepared to play a scene out no matter how long it might take, and will never leave abruptly unless an emergency takes place.

Reds:  Masculine and obviously presenting males, hard gore, scat, pedo, and anything else within the rules.  This should go without saying.  Short, non descriptive bios or posts.  Nonsensical stuff.  Exclusivity (it only ever leads to problems).  Clinginess and jealousy.  Faplogging (a heads up is more than fine that you need to go, and will always be appreciated no matter what).

Absolutely always tell friendly.  More than open to setting something up via tells.  Thank you for reading through, please have a cookie.
Player:Caine Aesarin
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human