Old Lee

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You see a bearded old man with a wrinkly face. He is bald and his facial expressions suggest that he has experienced much in his life. It's a classic perverted old man with a big ol' dick.

Lee refuses to wear clothing, As a result he is slightly tan. His body is covered in grey hair.

Lower, hanging between his legs, is a large and veiny cock. Lee seems quite proud of his penis, refusing to cover his member no matter how many times he is asked.

His balls hang low under his massive cock. They are usually filled to the brim with potent cum. They are the size of grapefruits. Lee has been known to release liters of sperm during sex, depending on how long the session lasts.

All in all Lee is quite perverted, but very very wise and experienced in all things having to do with this thing called life.

Lee is pansexual. He can give and receive from any gender, race, or being. He's not picky, he goes with the flow. Lee is easygoing, if anything. Easy going to the point of drifting through life with few cares or worries.

Lee is morally ambiguous and he likes it that way. If one were to watch his manner of movement one might surmise that this old man is a monk of some sort.


As a former Wu Jen monk, Lee has mastered many skills but three in particular stand out.


Lee has the ability to project "suggestions" into the minds of people. Some may be able to resist but those who do not will likely find themselves acting on those suggestions. This is not mind control, the individual retains their personality and such.


Years of training have made Lee's skin quite leathery. As a result he has a high resistance to weather effects like snow and rain.


Speaks for itself. Lee is often hidden when acting as voyeur, often times using his stealth abilities to better make use of his power of suggestion.


Lee is quite skilled in both Tantric and Kama-Sutra arts. Speaks for itself, really.



Greens: Walks ups. All genders and races. Cuckolding and wife/husband stealing. Impregnation. Prostitution. Public nudity/sex. Groping. Impregnation and breeding. Vaginal. Multiple partners. Giving and receiving anal. Oral Sex. Group sex. Ball worship. Cum diets. Face smothering. Rubbing cocks together. Female lactation. Wrestling. Light mind control. Toys. Voyeurism.

Yellow: Romance. Torture. Rape. Slavery.

Red: Server Rules

Lee is also available as a trainer or teacher to prospective students and seems to detest nobles and the rich, often times robbing them of absolutely all of their worldly belongings and/or blackmailing them, ala Robin Hood.

Always tell friendly.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human