Aesiatealys Siadon

She is a tall, young elf woman, with a lovely face, a captivating pair of big, blue eyes, gentle, melodic voice, an alluring, thin but subtly curved, feminine elven form. Her skin is flawlessly smooth and soft, slightly on the pale side. She wears a simple yet elegant hairstyle, a minimal amount of expertly applied makeup around the eyes, a subtle perfumed scent and a tasteful selection of clothes that emphasise her natural beauty. She has the gorgeous body, the sensual stance and gently swaying walk of a temptress.

She also speaks with a stutter and in an odd, uncertain style - although this has been improving somewhat lately - the rare occasions she actually does speak, and she is usually simply nervous: always subtly scanning her environment with her eyes, always alert and expecting... something, presumably unpleasant, to happen. Sometimes she may play with her clothes or accessories or otherwise instinctively try to disguise her nervousness, or just stand still like a statue. She doesn't really show any other emotions, and nobody has seen her smile.

She never makes eye contact with anyone. She keeps a fair distance from everyone, quickly moving away from anyone who might try to touch her or just drift too close.

Except her close friends. She is still nervous around these very few people, but even outsiders will likely notice she is much more relaxed, talkative and simply warm when in such company. With very close friends, she may even risk a gentle touch or perhaps even a hug(!).

Lights: This character isn't really for ERP; while that happening is far from impossible, it will occur rarely enough that any lights can be discussed in tells if necessary.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf