Sadie Snowtail

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RACE: Guardinal (Celestial)
HEIGHT: Short (for her kind)
BUILD: Average
AGE: Young Adult

A wide grin and bright green eyes behind silver-rimmed glasses stand out first on this celestial snow leopard girl, framed under her pink mane.  She is small in height and just a little pudgy under her soft pelt of silken gray-white fur, which nearly hides her pert little breasts.  The lines of her body curve out widely across her flared hips, her plump backside and thick thighs resting below an enormous fluffy tail.  

She keeps herself very clean and well-groomed, is fond vibrant clothes with black leather and rich blue fabrics. A faint dusting of cinnamon in her fur and mane compliments her sweet, natural scent.

Sadie is wearing a tight studded leather collar with a heart-shaped tag, but it appears to be purely decorative.

Lore Check DC 10: You may recognize Sadie as a rare type of celestial, akin to a "divine succubus". She is a paragon of sex and fertility, though rather than tempting mortals to evil, she tempts them towards comfort, compassion, and love.  

~Fertile Aroma~

Due to her unique celestial nature, Sadie almost always has the faint scent of feminine heat, enticing and intoxicating to males regardless of species (including most beasts and animals).  

~Summoning Sadie~

Any mage or magic-using creature of sufficient skill can both summon Sadie to their location and bind her with magic for up to 24 hours if they chose to (with OOC permission first).

As a paragon of sex and fertility, Sadie is often used in ritualistic sex-magic, to provide children for those in need, or simply as entertainment by others.  Though she is not violent or as dangerous as other celestials, she is still nigh-invulnerable to harm and difficult to permanently bind (though there is nothing to stop someone from summoning her multiple times if they wished!)

((If you wish to summon Sadie, send me a Tell and we can work out the details!  I may decline for no particular reason though, so please do not take offense.))

Note: Both the player and the character are polyamorous, and not shy about it. If you're not completely okay with that, it's best to just stay friends!

YES:  Dominant Males of any species (but especially monsters/beasts/anthros), Casual Sex, Bareback Sex, Being used/objectified, Multiple Partners, Open or Casual Relationships, Pet-Play, Risk of Impregnation/Breeding, Bestiality, Monsters and Exotic Creatures, Bondage, Cock Worship, Oral Sex, Sloppy Seconds, Musk/Scentplay, and Public Play.  

MAYBE:  Females, Shemales, Mildly Non-Consensual/Coerced, Vore, Anal Sex, Mind Control.  Collaring/ownership (with OOC permission.)

NOPE:  Mutilation, Scat, watersports. All sexual partners MUST be of adult age, IC and OOC.

This is usually a friendly character, so don't be shy, come walk up and roleplay!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Halfling