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Height: 5'
Hair:  Fiery red and wildly curly
Eyes: Silver-flecked violet
Race:  Elven

Theme Song:

The first thing you might notice about this young elven woman is the hair.  Bright copper inlaid with streaks of a deeper red, and occasional gold and yellow highlights run throughout, the curls wild and raucous.  Beneath, a fine featured face, her gold-hued skin flawless and near glowing.  She has a bold range of expressions that cross the noble elven features with each glance or comment.  

The almond-shaped eyes are violet, ranging from light and clear to a deep hue depending on mood.  If you are observant, you may see the silver flecks within.  Her cheekbones are set high in the rounded cheeks, matching the finely shaped nose.  Her mouth is a soft bow, pursed and pouty, as mobile and expressive as her features.

Like most of her kind, the woman is small in stature.  Her figure is a true hourglass, perhaps a bit fuller of hip and breast than many of her kind but modest by Sinfar standards.  Her shape is soft, yet for one with the chance to see (or feel) her move, it's obvious that she has trained in some way, the smooth muscles lending a grace and ease to her movements that make every step seem like a dance.  Indeed, as she moves about one might often hear her humming, and her wandering gait would seem that she is dancing along to a song only she knows.

There is an inherent confidence to the womans every movement, every word. She might perhaps seem arrogant if not for the tinge of good humor that near-constantly colors her speech, the warmth in her eyes as they touch upon the features of whomever she's speaking to.  Her voice is honeyed and melodious, carrying in a clear, soft tone that often intimates that you are the only one her attention is on.  Despite her size, the young woman can fill a room with her presence,  though most often she doesn't seem aware that she's doing so.  

//the ooc stuff//

I'm tell friendly, and more than willing to talk out any RP.

Lights:  I'm pretty flexible on most things, and tend to go with the story.  If something bothers me you can be sure that I'll let you know, and I'm open to tells about the same.  My char is in charge of this toon, I'm just along for the ride.

I think we're all here to have fun - as such, see the communication blurb above if any interaction is not fun oocly for you and rest assured I will do the same.

Green:  RPs!  Story, telling stories, performing, socializing, relationships (romantic and friendships), seduction, groups, men who like men, intrigue, flirting, teasing

Red:  perma stuff.  Pedo stuff.  God-emoting stuff.  Meta gaming.  ooc drama shenanigans
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf