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Theme songs:  Sweet Caroline (obviously!) and Any Man of Mine.

Caroline has thick dark brown hair covered with deep auburn hilites, quite tall at 5'8", her large vibrant captivating blue eyes greet you and are accompanied by soft brown lashes and shapely brows.  Slender lengthy toned legs, a healthy set of realistically sized teardrop shaped 36 D breasts, a plump round bum and a curvy waistline.  Nearly always found wearing those high heeled pumps or boots that she seems very comfortable in.  Lush, pouty lips painted a glossy peachy color that also smells like a sweet georgia peach.

In sum, Caroline is the combination of a sweet southern belle and country pumpkin.  A horrible flirt! She's not here solely for srp.  She has a pretty rich deep storyline but few ever really press hard enough to find out what it's about and who she really is.

Now for the unpleasantries!

OOC stuffage:
First & Foremost:  Strong likes:  characters with actual storylines and depth, characters that are also interested in learning about the OTHER characters instead of just rp'ing their OWN characters/story, characters or their player not be SO dense that they can't catch on to clues and make ~everything~ so f'ing difficult and/or making a character work so hard that it takes all the fun out of playing, characters that aren't interested in cybering 24/7 cuz that gets old real quick *yawns*, characters that don't mind sitting down and actually talking! (OMG I know, right?!), characters that don't expect my characters to sit in their laps and squirm, characters that don't expect my character to kneel before them and suck their cock or lick their balls, characters that DO expect intelligent ongoing conversations, characters that put forth the effort to remember where the rp has left off and can pick up and go with it, well spoken, well mannered men that are dressed to impress and know how to treat and speak to a lady (yes, those that still offer their seat, give a lady a flower now and then, open doors, seat a lady and order their meals - because well that takes some sack which most men lack these days).

Strong dislikes:  asshats, cybering (*yawns*), logging off mid rp (without warning or regularly - RL comes first for me and so I realize it does for others but a quick tell is the polite and right thing to do and you'll get one chance for this so use it wisely!), demons (creepy), devils (more creepy), tails (no use for one or more), paws (not that kind of petting), claws (not that kind of scratching), snouts (not that kind of licking), horns (no pokey pokey with those), wings (no flappers allowed), fur (*hands you a pair of clippers), guys with tits and girls with dicks (nope), and any of that animal stuff (gags!) Characters with super powers like sucking the life out of another toon or somehow magically making my toon fall in love with them, uhmmm ain't gonna go for that, telepathic/mind control and all the other deep dark gross rp that I have to google just to know what it is, unrealistic bits and pieces, ic/ooc confusion/drama - You'll be kicked to the curb at first hint of this - and likely without warning, no quickie rp or srp - sorry not your gal without a decent bit of rp, no feces (certain well rp'd watersports that are thoroughly discussed first are ok), no pregnancy, no permanent anything, no body modifying, etc.

Enjoys men (more so than women but if the right woman or couple - and well rp'd ones - befriended her it could lead somewhere (NOT monogamous & no jealousy clingy drama),  romance, snuggling, smooching, handjobs, boobjobs, oral mmmmm oral, long adventurous walks and horseback rides in the countryside, unexpected kinks, mutual masturbation, watching each other doing so, washing each other, **** (very interested in this next one but you damn sure better a) know what it means and b) be able to rp it out - bdsm (not too hung up on which role but she won't play a slave or hardcore subbie - sorry..  she's too independent and smart for that and player enjoys swapping D/s roles..  two way street), rough (keep it safe and sane tho and when she says no or stop ya do just that - may want to discuss first),soft & sensual srp, vaginal & anal srp, double penetration, fingering, rp'ing out fetishes (must be discussed first so throw your idea my way and we'll see what comes of it), imaginative and creative rp with toys and other props that would typically be used IF this were real life (which it's NOT so please don't make it seem that way cuz that's a HUGE turnoff & red flag!!!), descriptive rp, slowing down and making the interaction one to remember with yes, descriptive rp, wining and dining and dancing, hot cocoa, mint juleps, sweet tea (with a twist of course), unexpected surprises (dates, gifts, etc.), bubble baths, picnics, good books, poetry, and much much more...  Depending on her mood she may or more likely may not engage in srp with your toon on their first encounter...  just depends tho.. (she's not a prick tease by any means), surprise things happening during rp and actually playing off those - you'll see what I mean if ya rp with her..  ANY srp that also involves regular rp vs. just srp for srp.

OOC: Player is friendly and happy to chit chat but not about RL details, etc.  Will help out if you have questions or need help.  Here for the FUN and NOT the drama so let's get to it eh?  :-)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human