Tora De'Sandra

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  The sound of clicking heels accompany Tora as she walks down the many avenues in Sinfar. As best you could tell, she stands about five and a half feet tall though she is hardly ever standing at her actual height. An extensive collection of heels and boots typically have her at 6' or taller depending on her flavor of the day.

  Long black hair with voluminous curls hang down her lower back and partly hide her face. A gentle breeze would expose a sweet smile on her full lips accented by deep green eyes. She is almost always dressed respectfully and of course, always in heels.

What your eyes see...
~ Race/Gender: Appears to be a human female
~ Age: Early 30's if you had to guess
~ Height: 5'8" actual, usually closer to 6' due to her heels/boots.
~ Weight: If you had to guess, 130 would save you a slap to the face.
~ Measurements: Also, if you had to guess 34C-28-36
~ Shoe Size: They look like 8's
~ Hair: Black, big voluminous curls hang down to about her mid back
~ Eyes: Green
~ Complexion: Kissed blatantly by the Sun
~ Earrings: Typically wears big hoops
~ Rings: A beautiful wedding band is on her left ring finger
~ Special Powers: Running in heels


  // I do not care for Reds, Yellows, and Greens as I feel they make profiles more like personal ads and take away from any real in game interaction. But if you can get me to open my web client, you're doing it right. However, there are some things I feel (red) strongly about and in the name of wasting each other's time, you should be aware of them:

* If you play several different characters, that's fine...however, I am only interested in RP with the original character I met you with. Don't send me a tell from another character telling me that you're this other character or this character because one or the other now has a penis/vagina and now we can RP. It's not my thing. It's not's me.

* Logging mid-RP without any reason whatsoever...//Your rp sucks, byeeee! works just fine, but please say something.

* Guys and gals who can't match thighs with shins or biceps with forearms. C'mon!

* And, of course, the weird shit (pedo, real rape, cuddling, etc.)

Usually pretty tell friendly
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human