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Race: Kitsune (1-tail), fire aspect.
Gender: Female
Age: 124
Eyes: Emerald Green
Lips: Full, usualy purple lipstick
Skin: Silky soft
Hair: Straight long red
Bust: modest B45
Height: 4'9
Tail: Foxtail red fur
Ears: Fox soft and furry

Piercings: Three in her left ear and a clit piercing.

Standing at 4'9 Flame looks in to the world around her with a usual curious stare of those sparkling emerald green eyes.
Her eyes are usually slightly the form of almonds unless someone manages to surprise her.  
Where normally one could see human ears Flame seems to have a pair of fox ears, covered by red fur they are quiet soft to touch.
They seem very movable changing the way they stand with her mood or emotions.
Overall her face can be considered cute and somewhat attractive.

Her body seems well cared for, giving her a agile frame able to jump, twist and bend in many ways.
And still she has the curves one can expect from a women, even if her breast are not as big as the Sinfar standard.

Her rear is rather pleasant to look at firm enough to still have a slight jiggle when she is wearing something thighs, showing a light heart shape.
With above it a long fluffy red tail with a white tip. It would look so soft that a person could just hug it.

If someone managed to undress Flame they would realize soon that her skin is fair, one might even consider it to be to fair.
It feels soft to the touch like silk, and slightly tanned.

As she speaks her voice is soft and very feminine, having a slight enchanting ring to it.

Flame as many of her race is a shapeshifter, she usually prefers the form as described above, though on occasions she might change her self to something completely else, or changes her self to disguise her tail and ears. Those who can use true seeing will very soon see her true form as a little red fox still with three ear rings in the left ear.

That she is a fire aspect fox spirit can be seen by her personality right away.
Kind hearted as she is Flame can be quite tempered when something does not quiet go her way or when someone mistreats her in her eyes.
She can be quick in throwing a fit, and can be overall emotional.
Those knowing her better will see her as being guided more by her emotions then her mind.
Be it passion, love, anger or emptiness.
This has some downsides, but also the upside for those she is close to.

As a Kitsune Flame has a few abilities, note that I am not a rp dice roller, instead I will hit a tell when Flame uses her abilities and let the other players decide if she is successfull.

Abilities she has mastered.

Fox fire. Lighting up a person in the dark with a harmless fire surrounding the person.

Breath fire, yes she can breath fire and also feeds from fire to sustain her energy.

Charm, with some magic and words Flame is able to charm a person to do what she wants, NOTE this ain't a domination.

OOC: I am tell friendly. If you want to get to know this girl, do try and find her and RP. One thing that is truely important to me is her being developed as a character. This also means that she wont hop in to bed with you on the first meeting, unless you are very lucky and she realy likes you.


RED: Gore, vore, toilet stuff, breaking of serverrules. OOC drama, Metagaming anything. If this happens I will ignore it, and for the dreaded lands I will port away OOCly. I dont cheat and I hope the same respect can be shown.

Yellow: Rape, amputations and torture, Realy let RP reflect this if it's needed and not just for the hell of it.
Unnaturaly big that it wont fit, or defies all logic. She does not have a vagina of holding.

Green: Find most of her likes out in RP, and enjoy the encounter. Anything is pretty much open what the player is concerned, though Ta'pal might not like it, but thats a different matter.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf