Miyami Takara

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Character Description
(OOC: Have you read this and find it doesn't match who you're speaking to? If so, the character's likely taken on a different form. See the Alternate Forms section for a brief description of these!)

Standing before you is a pleasant little foxgirl, standing near 5'6", with red hair as bright as flame and a matching shiny red tail swishing behind her wherever she goes. Her peculiar amethyst eyes shine with mischief, and her enigmatic smile betrays one who is constantly brewing some hidden plot. While her face may hide a great deal about herself, her clothes typically hide little, hugging her full figured body, leaving little to the imagination its curves, even when she may be cloaked fully in robes. What skin she has exposed has a reddish tinge to it, lending to her exotic looks.

Miyami normally moves with the confidence of a well-traveled and capable woman, and often speaks in a tone that is melodious and occasionally somewhat haughty.

RP Notes

Mark of the Wolves - Miyami seems to attract wolves and wolvren creatures, who might behave erratically around her.  She smells as if she is constantly releasing wolf pheromones.

Alternate Forms

Dragon Form - Miyami takes on the appearance of a Red Dragon in humanoid form, with red scaled skin, horns and the appropriate wings and tail.  Her dragon scent mentioned earlier is much more noticable like this, though dragons can still smell it is diluted with other blood.

True Form - Miyami's true form is that of a red fox, a brilliantly-colored intense red, with the notable difference in having four tails where just one would normally be.

Misc Data

Species: Fox Spirit (Kitsune)
Sex: Female (100%)
Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Mated, open with high discrimination
Reds: Perma-Death, Gore, Vore, Mutilation, Pain, Scat, Urination, Anal play of any type, pregnancy, OOC drama, She-males/Herms (Character-oriented red - if you are one, seek intimacy with her at your own risk)
Greens: Almost everything else. I'm pretty open, all things considered! Though ask me if you think it is 'edgy'.

Addendum: While it does not bar you from RPing with me, I'd very much appreciate it if you tried your best to use good English!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf