Amir Shadesward

Six Foot of potential hazards with laughing green eyes and dark wavy hair, his slightly swarthy skin marks him as desert folk.. His manner is airy and light at times and often his quirky accent leads him into even more trouble then his aura suggests.

The only other remotely notable things about him are his favored scimitar, it looks re-worked, but the hilt is of moon elf make and in the pommel is set a perfect moonstone, that shines with a faint bluish hue.  The other being the silver harp shaped brooch on his cloak, that seems a bit worn

When not wearing his armor, one can see long healed burn marks on his hands and arms and tiny hints of the same below his neck.  In addition, he has a large well healed scar running diagonally from right shoulder to his left hip.

Is a cloak you wear
A deep shade of blue
Is always there

The sun ain't gonna shine anymore
The moon ain't gonna rise in the sky
The tears are always clouding your eyes
When your without love - Baby

Is a place your in
With nothing to lose
But no more to win

Lonely, without you baby
Girl I need you
I can't go on

The sun ain't gonna shine anymore

(Quirky, Cheery Grin):  Is a sad life, but does the go on... Jes?


BIG BRIGHT NEON FUCKING RED: childish behavior, rules lawyer-ing, hiding your OOC insecurities through supposedly IC behavior.

One big thou shalt not do..  Permenantly kill or maim him, if your looking for a subby male I suggest you take the boat back to Sinifar City, lots of them there....
Player:Entranced Shadows
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human