Nahlrie Elendinai

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A myth, a legend, Avariel

The winged elf was covered in soft pale skin from head to toe with a head topped with a mane of snow white hair that had a black feather always weaved within near her right ear.  Deep blue eyes accompanied a small nose and full lips that were often painted a vibrant shade of red.  Her features were accentuated with the sharp tipped ears that peaked out from the hair which heralded her lineage.

The winged elven woman's figure was trimmed and toned with definite muscle definition under the soft white skin.  That of course did not mean that she lacked the feminine curves that many would enjoy. From slender shoulders, ample breasts that were more than a handful, a slim waist, toned stomach, wide hips, a toned butt, and thick thighs the avariel was certainly a cute creature.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human