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Before you stands a young, oriental woman, with almost suspiciously flawless skin, fiery red hair and more often than not a coy smile on her lips.

This woman bears some hints to an eastern heritage. She stands confidently at a five feet and six inches tall. She has proper feminine curves gracing her body, with a firm backside and a C-sized bust.

She tends to wear flowing, silken dresses or kimonos, standing with a regal composure. In the way of jewelry, she wears a silver ring on her left index finger. This ring, if looked at, would have oriental symbols engraved in it. On her right middlefinger, she wears a smooth ring, of a dark metal of sorts. No engravings are found on this one. Both thumbs likewise are adorned with simple, silver rings.

Her face has some delicate features, with high cheekbones, slender eyebrows and close set eyes. Her appearance is one to turn faces in crowds, and this woman seems to know this fact well enough, bearing the confidence that goes with it.  Her eyes, green in colour, often have a mischieveous or playful look in them.

Her hair is well tended to, with the occasional stubborn lock falling a bit before her eyeline, something this woman does not seem to be too bothered about as she lets it add to her often coy look. Her nails are well tended too, even if they are not trimmed too short. Those nails tend to be painted black most of the time.

One thing one might notice when seeing her smile would be her canine teeth, being slightly longer and more tipped than of most humans, though hardly as long as one might see with vampires.

Name: Mayumi
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual

Red Light:
Gore, Vore, Toiletplay,
Permanent changes/disfigurement

Green Light:
Most any things, I am easy going with this. Ask if unsure! Long-term friendships and relationships are good, though one-offs aldo work. I enjoy all sorts of RP, ranging from romance to RP with darker and grittier elements. All genders and most races are welcome. If interested in RP just approach! Mayumi probably won't bite.

Note: I am not my character. Please do not adress her as "you" in emotes.
Player:Infinity Judge
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human