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: FYI: My job means there are times I cannot log in for several days or even a week or more. This makes continuous rp difficult.

Jack's NEW theme song! :

Thomas Rhett woulda been a good portrait for him

If Jack's location is not hidden feel free to randomly bump into him for rp.

Tall , around 6'2 with dark hair, a few scars here and there, he is otherwise a rather  unremarkable man. The kind most overlook in a crowd. He has that uncanny knack to simply blend in anywhere.

Always listens to others story. He himself has a very indepth story that he only shares with those he truly learns to trust. So far he has not shared it with anyone.

He has brown eyes.  Likes beer.

Prefers women.

NO:  breaking rules, no rape( and this includes trying to draw him into any situation in which rape has been rped), no pedo, no vore.

Maybe but not likely, threesomes.

I prefer chatting IC and the more vanilla things. Not into extreme things like pain or hardcore BDSM or blood. He is single and likes it so monogamy is not likely. Would take the right character and alot of good RP.  Just here to have fun.

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Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human