Torment Di'mashermastana

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Her form is tall for that of an elf, but she is of the wild elves, and those kind are known for being of larger proportions than some of their relatives. At a height of 5'8, she begins simply enough with a mass of silver hair, the hue of which some romantic fool once compared to moonlight. The mass of hair is curly, though it is usually pulled into a top knot and held to order by a golden clasp and black ribbon. Her ears peek out from the ringlets of hair, and each is tipped at the ends to bear a full testament to her pure elven heritage, and every so often, the tips will twitch as the elf narrows her eyes, or perhaps looks around. Her eyes, surrounding by a thick fringe of silver lashes, are green in hue, much the shade of leaves in shadow. Her nose is a long, thin, aquiline, until it turns up at the tip. Her lips are full and wide, with the color of crushed berries being the color. Torment's face is a matter of high cheek bones, a narrow jaw, and a slighty pointed chin.

The elf's shoulders are none too narrow but not too wide, bare, and muscular, which leads to her arms, also both sinewy to attest to the rigurous training that often occupies her time. Both breasts are rather large and show quite prominently under the two strips of fabric, which compose part of the fabric that makes up her garments. Her waist is naturally small in its span, and flows into the wide span of her hips, which are a good counterpoint to the firmness and round shape of her buttocks.

Torment's legs are long and muscular, and end with her slender, narrow feet, which are often clad in the knee-high boots of metal and leather that extend up a bit to offer her knees protection as well.

Her clothing doesn't leave much to the imagination of her body's natural shape with two strips of red fabric just narrowly covering the globes of her breasts, and these are clasped at her shoulders with a disc of metal, one at each side. The fabric moves naturally enough to show a little peak of her brown nipples, and the swell of her chest. About her waist is a belt of solid brown leather, which serves to secure her top to Torment's torso. Her hips are encased in the simple white cloth cut of a panty, which is the covering under the outer surface of woven metal and rope. Both thighs have a strap around each one, where pouches, daggers, and other items can be stored as needed. Both of her mostly upper arms are caught in the clasp of a pair of metal and leather circlets, while her wrists and hands are often encased in the protection of enchanted gauntlets and bracers.

A sword is sheathed across her back, and lies in a simple, black embossed scabbard.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf