Lord Buthomar Ky'm'vyn

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Is always under
Undetectable Alignment
Character has a natural shapeshifter ability, he does not change through spells or other magical means. He fully changes form, Aura Sight might give away the Nature of the Char and in time a person might work it out, but true seeing will not reveal the natural appearance of him.

Looking for people that want to join a private guard.
Looking for slaves (for more then ERP)

Appearance - Please no Meta Gaming

Buthomar stands at just over six feet tall, he has a calm deep voice that holds a tone of one that is used to be  listened to. His movement are that of a trained fighter every step and movement has no wasted energy. His gaze is holds a strong level of dominance, behind his red eyes that can sometime flicker with flames in time when his emotion is getting the better of him.

His body is well muscled and they seem to hold a great strength to them, his upper arms, chest and back are tattooed, and there seems to be fine text written in an uncommon language around them (can RP to find out more about them if you like) and his hands seem to end in long claws that seem to be able to be retracted.
Skin colour and hair colour are as the toon.  And is only truly fitting for his

Human appearance

Race Appears: Human
Height: 6'3"
Hair: Red
Body: Fit tone strong
Skin Tone: Very Dark Skin

Race Appears: Half Devil Form
Height: 8'3"
Hair: Red Blazing with Hellfire
Body: Fit tone strong
Skin Tone: Very Dark Skin with Large Horns

Race Appears: Devil Form Infernal Duke
Height: 16'8" (Huge)
Hair: Blazing Hellfire
Body: Fit tone strong
Skin Tone: Very Dark Skin with Large Horns

There are other shape and appearance will try to fill them in later

Soul sight: Has the ability to see the living souls of other creatures. This is for the fact if you are going to buy someone soul or deal for it best to make sure they can keep up their end of the deal.

Telepathy: normally done as a blue colored tell. generally ask before doing.

Immune fire

Greens: Roleplay, story lines, threesomes, voyeurism, plots, descriptive scenes, women, forcing women sexually, submissive(females), bondage and discipline (as dominant), elegant and sexy women, teasing,vaginal, anal (giving only, rough sex, oral (both ways),cum play, spanking, Device bondage, Honour bondage,Suspension bondage, BDSM, Erotic Asphyxiation, Wax Play, open to tells on ERP for likes and dislikes beyond what is listed.

Yellow: lactation, pregnant women, hybrid animal/human

Reds: amputation, mutilation, scat, urine, watersports, vore, being rape/forced, perma-death, nothing that breaks server rules, no shemales/herms, torture, bestiality, will not be collared or a slave to anyone,being Turn into a Werewolf or Vampire, Meta-gaming

Note: Player is a slow typer as is an amputee, so please be tolerant of slow responses, if you cant be perhaps find someone else to play with. The player is also dyslexic. This player is tell friendly
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human