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Race: Feline elf/succubus
Gender: Can jump between male and female. (if you see breasts, it s a girl!)
Age: Looks to be in his middle 20's
Height: 5.4
Hair: Grey-ish, thigh length
Eyes: Green
Skin: Gray
build: Athletic and feminine
Ears: Feline only
Cock: 6 inch
Tail: 5 foot, gray with black dots

He looks a lot like his mother, Naredia. His facial traits are clearly the same as hers which makes his feminine face hard to use to tell his gender. His hair is long and straight, running all the way down to his womanly thighs. The skin he reveals is flawless and grey with no facial or body hair with the exception of his head and tail. His ears sits where his elven ones would be, and is perfectly
feline in shape, often twitching as he seems sensitive to sounds.

His voice is a soft tenor, not too bright and has a rather calming tone.

His clothes tend to be tight sitting, and doesn't seem to mind shopping in the woman's section as he is perfectly comfortable with his womanly looks. He also keeps a dildo in his back pocket for some reason, and it tends to stick out.

His naked body is rather curvy for a male as if he has been taking hormones,and his member is really small
by Sinfar standards, a very modest five inches standing at his front when at full size. His rear goes with the rest of his body and stands firmly and curvy at his back, perfectly shaped for a female and practically screams to be grabbed.

For his overall appearance, imagine a Castlevania character designed like the later Final Fantasy characters.



A boatload of things

Permanent things,
Overly large endowments.

Poor hygiene,
Men, - Jenda is straight
Ugly races (orcs, ogres, etc)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf