Daughter Trixiebelle Cox

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    Sexpot, the word seems to fit the figure of the girl before you. Exaggerated to the point of nearly being a caricature, the halfling's proportions seem out of whack for anything but a creature born of wild, hedonistic lust.

    She's a tad on the short side, even for a halfling, but not by much. If anything, she makes up for her lack of height with her girth. Her blue eyes are bright and sparkling, something of a care-free, bubbly nature about the little hin. Often those eyes are partially hidden by the long locks of blonde hair, flowing over her shoulders and breasts to spill down her back like a golden waterfall, nearly reaching her fat rump. Her cheeks are plump and rounded, retaining the softness of childhood, even as her lips have bloomed into the soft rolls of a cocksucker.

    Her shoulders are a bit narrow, though her arms as soft. But the girl's upper body mass is firmly centered in those breasts of her's. On a woman twice her size, they'd be excessive. On her, they're almost comically large. Each orb is massive, heavy and hanging from her chest in massive teardrop shapes. She'd never be able to bring her fingers together, if she attempted to reach around those mounds, and it's a wonder they don't constantly pull the poor girl forward to the floor. A soft peppering of freckles add some detail to those expanses of flesh, a trait that's repeated over much the rest of her body. But that might seem odd, is the faint lines of stretchmarks. They mar the otherwise blemish free skin over her mounds, hinting that, at one point, the girl had something of a modest bust.

    Each of those orbs are capped first by huge aureola, wider than a grown human's palms. The dark spots are mounded slightly, like flattened domes, leading up to her nipples. Far from the small, pert nubs that's most common, the halfling's nips are massive! Easily the diameter that ale mugs are more commonly found in, the huge nubs are a few inches long, dimpled deeply at their center, with a few smaller bumps and divots over their surface. They always seem wet, even juicy right at the central dimple, the slight wetness that promises a portion of her breasts' huge size is due to the cream she produces.

    If anything, the girl's hips are even wider than her breasts! She's far from the slim and toned figure of a typical halfling. This hin has lived a live of indulgence, gobbling up as much sweet and fatty foods as she wished, and it shows here. Each thigh nearly as big around as an average humans, both of those meaty hams meeting at her exaggerated hips, and the massive ass behind her. As if two prized pumpkins were left too close together as they grew, her ass is made up of two huge globes, tightly pressed together, creating plunging cleavage that seems to go on forever. Those juicy globes, along with her jiggling thighs, are peppered with freckles, just like her huge bosom.

    Those thick thighs, the press together as she walks, rubbing against each other. Even when she stands, lest she spreads her feet wide apart, they hide the tiny, even undersized treasure. Her mound, though plump as the rest of her, is diminutive, probably the smallest thing about this little halfling.

    Naturally, her belly is soft and chubby, plump lovehandles would offer an easy grip to any fingers that would grasp them. But it's unlikely you'll find the shapely halfling in such a state. Almost always, that already ample tummy has swollen outwards. Stretchmarks stripe it's sides, and her bellybutton is always in some state of stress. She may have just a simple, round mound, or that tummy could be hanging down to her knees, her fat tits resting ontop of it. She's always pregnant it seems, always with a baby growing inside her, simply adding to the babyfat that fills out her figure.

    All this is easy to see, the bubbly little hin almost never wearing anything. The most she ever wears are the ribbons laced up her legs, digging in to her plump thighs slightly. They're the one bit of decoration she bothers to keep, a gift from her beloved mother.

    Those ribbons might seem familiar to some. Indeed, they're a direct clue to this little halfling's parentage. Trixiebelle Cox, little Trixie. The plump and pregnant halfling daughter of Candice Cox. Clearly, she must have gotten her height from her birth mother, and her decadent figure from her 'sire'.


REDS: Men, scat, torture, gore, vore, people who want me to RP to find out their lights. People who think playing a silly halfling makes me a pedo (seriously people, look at those fucking tits!).

Yellows: Females in ERP, watersports (green if I'm in the mood), bondage.

Greens: Herms, Shemales, being pregnant with her mother's babies, getting in trouble, being stretched like a condom over shemale cock, swelling up with sperm, nipple-fucking, choking on her mother's cock, punching mean people in the balls.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Halfling