Inuthel Illankoi

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Race: Eladrin, Bralani
Height: 4' 8''
Hair colour naturally: Silvery white, may change
Eye colour:  blue
Skin colour naturally: light blue

She has natural beauty what most of the elven kin has as being blessed by Hanali Celanil. She has high cheek bones and pale blue skin which is smooth and well taken care of. She has full lips and rarely she has to wear any make up to highlighten her features. White long hair frames her face and it seems that there is allways small windwhirls blowing and messing her hair no matter where she is like she would be one with the elements itself.

Her petite frame looks fragile. Instead of being slim her body has some feminine curves. She has firm smaa breasts, about A cup and hips are little wider than her thin waist.

Those who knows arcaine magic may sense strong wild magic coming inside of her. It is like thunder what is waiting to be released when she acts less formally. When she is nearby all elementals seems to be attracted by her, like they would be regognizing something familiar on her.

Her own scent is very unique kind of. Like you would be  sniffing first winter morning when the whole land is covered with white snow. It is fresh and frosty scent. That natural scent comes from her skin and any perfume can't hide it if she would ever wear any.
If you watch her movements you can see her smiling shyly a lot like she would be often on a good mood or raised to behave well. Her voice is soft and full of nyances. That lovely voice is made for singing lullabys and  melancholic tones.

Those who have been in Sinfar for a long time might see something familiar in her. Perhaps they have met her older sister Selena  before she got married and stop her career as a dancer.

Music to describe her when you see her dancing:

Whites: role-playing, alluring her wild side out, long-term rpg, making friends, finding lover/lovers, Trying to enslave her and make her less shy (males preferred as capturers)

Greens: All genders, naughty bits

Reds: Do not break server rules
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf