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At first sight, an Imp is a dutiful servant, a familiar. Whether it is with spells or infernal insight, these little creatures do their best to maintain their Master in one piece. In truth, the imp works to deliver souls to Baator, assuring that its master's soul - and as many collateral victims as possible - faces damnation upon death.

Opposite to most Devils, Imps will often find themselves free and alone on the Material plane, especially after they've been summoned to serve as familiars and their masters have perished. Without a way to return home or bonds to keep them in check, Imps can become dangerous pests or leaders of small tribes of savage humanoids, or other weak-willed creatures.

Others, however, try to win their way back.

Name: Isst'ghorod
Race: Devil, Imp
Sex: Male
Status: Free

An Imp's easiest way to climb Hell's ladder is through offering more and more souls to the Nine. Whether it is through tricking some poor bastard, corrupting the most pure or damning a brave Knight, the Imp will always find a way to tempt one or another.

Isst'ghorod was often seen perched on someone's shoulder, whispering and cackling madly right after, or running away from one or many vengeful individuals, after his intentions were discovered. Barely over three feet tall, this Imp's body carried little to no fat at all - despite spending most of his free time shoving all sorts of delicious food down his throat. Lithe, yet somewhat muscular, the small body barely managed to contain the creature's perpetual excitement which then poured out in the form of twitches or nervous ticks. A pair of over-sized wings were attached to his back, whilst, curiously, he had no tail. A closer inspection would reveal that there -was- a tail, and now all that was left was but a nub at the base of his spine, apparently having been severed off.

Rings, necklaces, bracelets and anything gold and shiny, he collected and carefully adorned his body with. An old, used loincloth was the only thing the creature wore, and it was readily noticeable that it wasn't enough. Beneath it, the contour of something even more disproportionate to his size than his wings were, for even when flaccid the slab of meat was on par with cocks belonging to the largest of humanoids.
Player:IMPrudent IMPlicity
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human