Velia's persona, actions and appearnce stem from the ever so common human craving for power. A desire to elevate herself above others and to realise her wishes at whatever expense to others or indeed herself.  
Gender: Shemale
Build: Tall and powerfull

Velia's countenance was adorned with green eyes, set upon her confident visage. She was beatiful, yet seldomly could the gaze that fell upon another from her be called soft or compassionate. She'd typically dress with confidence and pride to match her manner - seldomly making her gender a secret as aside from her ample bust one'd consider the hefty endownment of the darkskinned woman. A ponderous, massive sack - it's orbs the size of oranges demanding their space between her thighs with the flaccid, meaty girth of her cock rested down overtop.

~ Velka is a selfish and pridefull individual, particularly enjoying to put herself above women or to enjoy their lush pleasures at her discretion. Her ego is an abusable quality, and something that could be stoked to varying effect. - The sexual outlook she wants for herself is dominant, although I'm quite open to other interesting avenues of play to change her. ~
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human