Saraleen Larstand

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Much has happened in the life of Saraleen of House Larstand.

She was once a slave, then a great general, a guard captain, and leader of a barbaric horde. But her days as a warrior are long behind her now. While not old, she is certainly not the young warrior maiden she used to be. She also has gone through quite a few changes physically.

Sara always has had something of an athletic frame, but these days much of that has been altered. She obviously has had some 'work' done, either through magic or perhaps through surgery. Her breasts have been altered several cup sizes, to a very swollen H cup that now fills out any shirt she wears. In addition one might guess her ass has been altered in turn to stretch out her jeans with a plump bubble butt.

Her lips as well have gone through some alteration, puffed up wet kissers now that always give her that ever popular 'duck face' look women seem to adore so, that really begs for a dick to be slammed through them. Finally, her hair, once a beautiful crimson shade, has now been changed to a platinum blonde look, offset against her still bronzed and well tanned skin.


She screamed until her throat was raw, she screamed until there was nothing else to herself but a sore throat and a raw memory of the innocence she had lost and could never find again.... And in that as well... there was beauty....


Platinum Blonde
Tanned Skin
Hyper Curvy

-Family and Friends-
Madeline Liberty - Her consistent lover and closest friend.

Persephone Liberty - Her daughter and her pride.

- Updates and Changes -
None Current

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Player:Fierce Beauty
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human