Elric Solomon Kain

Portrait Save
Height: 6'3
Weight: 235 lbs
Eyes: Icey Blue
Race: Appears human(is actually a celestial)
Sexual Preference: Bi

Appearance and nature:
 A solidly built man with broad shoulders and a powerful chest. Sculpted hip lines forming that luscious V at the top of his hips. He seems rather observant of his surroundings and protective by nature of those he is close to. Upon closer look there are a decent few scars that can be seen on his body here and there, though they are quite faded they are still present.

 If you see him bare chested, there is a tattoo taking up the majority of his back. An exquisitely detailed sword with a pummel depicting that of Tymora's holy symbol( a gold coin with a woman's face on it). Various what would seem like runes etched into the flesh to the left and right of the blade leading up  into outstretched wings that go over the backs of his shoulders. The entirety of the tattoo colored in a gradient scale of silver, the line work in a vibrant midnight blue.

In his celestial form he looks much the same however in place of the tattoo on his back he has a set of brilliant silvery white feathery wings, the tips tinged with blue leading into the silver. His eyes also glow a vibrant blue.


Red lights:
gore in ERP, vore, scat, vomit, undead in ERP, bloodplay and I think thats it for now.

Green Lights:
SO MANY, but specifically with this character, any sort of gladiator/ludus RP, long term romance, relationships, collaring(as in him possibly being made into a gladiator again), All races, creatures and genders welcome unless stated in reds, Domming(especially sissy's/fembois). There are plenty of others and basically anything that isn't listed as a red I'll likely enjoy.

((looks wise.... He is basically a taller Gannicus, hence the portrait))

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human