Eth'Yl Yagadottr

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Dreaded Isles manager of the Purple Pots merchant clan, her potions business is growing nicely.

Recently left the Silent Tribunal and joined the Amazons. She keeps her old Red Witch outfit as part the marketing for her shop. She wears earth tones when not running her shop in keeping with the styles of her Amazon sisters.

Proprietor of the Scriptorium Scroll Shop and Blood Bistro at cottage Island, Dreaded Isles. Author of "The Red Witch Guide to Blackwood and Environs, 1st Edition". A sea hag available for plot lines involving a witch in the middle of nowhere.

Kicked out of her coven because she was too cute to be a normal sea hag (less than plain in human terms), Eth'Yl was set adrift in a small boat from her native lands. She washed up on Dragon's Breath Island and soon found employment in the Ancient Crypts on the witches team. Not a bad job in her view. Donning the red wig over her green hair, putting on the standard uniform witch dress and slathering the grey make-up over her weather beaten brown skin, she beat up her share of interlopers and moved up the ranks.

Reds: Breaking server rules. Permanent maiming or death. Scat, gore, golden showers.

Yellows: ERP with females.

Greens: RP, ERP, dungeon crawling. Exploring. ERP with Danita.

Tell friendly.
Player:Shalomar Moderian
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human