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At first glance:
Age: Mid to late twenties
Sex and gender: Female
Height: Short, even for an elf. (155 cm)
Build: Sportive, modest breast, firm butt.
Race: Looks elven, but has a tail and horns. Infernal or abyssal influences likely
Eyes: Green, lively and aware of their surroundings.
Hair: Pink, does not appear to be dyed.
Accent: Sharn, hints of sigil and local lingo.  
Demeanour: Friendly, feisty, flirty. Generally confident
Disposition: Switch leaning submissive. Picky and sometimes a handfull.
Tell Friendly, feel free to poke if curious

In detail:
Standing rather short, even for an elf, this former red head, now pink haired girl had some other odd traits that where easily spotted. A muscled, smooth skinned tail lazily swaying behind her, helping her balance and occasionally reaching for things to curl around or hold on to, together with a set of short horns next to her sensitive elven ears easily betrayed her demonic or maybe even devilish heritage. Not that former red head seemed to mind showing this off, she was quite pleased with the fact that she stood out a bit, and while she might have been unhappy about her heritage in the past, this was no longer the case.

A pleasant, some would even say cute face with vibrant green eyes and frequently smirking or pouting lips, she often gave a pleasant first impression. Rather thin around her waist, this gave her behind the tendency to stick out invitingly, her B-cup breast perky but not all that large, both marked with a ring pierced through them, the piercing often visible through whatever she was wearing as she had no need for a bra. Her lithe body having no hulking lumps of muscle, nor thighs that looked like they were made out of steel. She had a rather unimposing but still healthy appearance, something that did not quite match with her cocky and seemingly over confident behavior.

For this young woman generally moved and acted with self-confidence, as someone who knew what she wanted and what she liked, and was not afraid to get it. Around her neck was generally a collar, yet Milly had her own distinct ideas about it's meaning and uses.

Piercings: A stud in her tongue, a ring in both of her nipples and in her clit. A ring in her nose is added, but plenty of room for others.

Tattoo's and brandings: None currently. She had some in the past however.

Strength: She is stronger then she looks, though she lacks the mass or muscle that normally acompanies this.

Quickened healing: Milly has acces to limited quickened healing, what can even amount to regeneration if given enough time and energy. The healing rate is usually slow though, and she only has a limited reserve available to tap in. This well can take days to refill. As such, she has taught herself to be picky in when to use it, and always tries to keep a reserve available in case of emergencies. While with enough time she can recover from just about anything that does not kill her, for severe injuries this still can take days or weeks. This is based on the investiture known as stormlight.

Heightened sensitivity (scents): Milly is more likely to pick up, notice and be affected by all sorts of odours. This is not something she has much control about however, and often happens subconciously. She is a likely to pick up peoples scents, musks and even pheromones, and react to it. While not every scent was positive,  plenty of potent ones are likely influence her judgement or even push her off balance.

Favorites and interests:
BDSM, realistic responses, behaviour that makes sense in character, flirting with danger, getting into trouble, humiliation, pain, exploring limits and new kinks, having mistresses, dominants or pets, roughness, pet play, switch fights, forced apparel, body modifications, character development, drugs and potions, polyamorous relationships, geeky people, nerding out about shibari, cute girls, confident women, turning the tables, hair tugging, risky play, exhibitionism, voyeurism, cum, toys, dungeons, genuine connection, sensible conversations, piercings and tattoos, sexy outfits, latex outfits, cuddling and chatting with friends, kinky things in general, nasty things in general. People being mean to her

Underage characters, scat, rp that feels like it has no effort put in, rude or mean behaviour ooc, characters that are nasty for no reason, "dominants" that feel like people should just throw themselves at them for minimum effort. People who are pushy or entitled ooc. (IC is fine)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf