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Name: A'Kiri
Owns: Black Lotus Apothecary in Saban
Race: Human (appears to be Kara-turan Sheng Ti Province of Shou Lung is the equivalent of her actual homeland, (Japanese))

Gender: female
Age: early to mid twenties
height: 4'10"
Build: lithe, svelte and sensual

Eyes: black
Lips: rose petal shaped, pale blossom, the lower lip has a small scar central making her lips accentuate in the middle like a small pout
Hair: Black
Skin: very fair, faint scars on her mid torso otherwise supple and carefully tended.

Black thick silken hair that long and seems to be kept up in various designs, with some kept down along her back. Long bangs over her face framing it slightly, highlighting a heart shaped face with high cheekbones and a narrow chin. Black almond shaped eyes with a dark jade green hue, that becomes deeper and more lustrous under certain emotions, and fades to almost black under others. Petal deep pink lips.

An exotic allure, graceful, calculated movements. Self disciplined every movement seeming measured and precise. Her movements are purposeful, not excessive or designed to exceed required energy, seldom seeming to give away much but when it does there is a richness of expression, an intensity that she reserves for those she shows herself to. Her eyes seem to be constantly watching and seeking, looking deep into others, taking in details. As much a predator as prey in the way she watches and move. Constantly aware of her surrounds.

Poised, elegant and there is a wildness that shows at times in her eyes. Her form is shapely in the chest and hips under her clothing, yet slight a small framed woman but still clearly human, despite her small stature. Her muscles are tight, flat and toned, moving with grace and poise that comes from a lifetime of training and practice.

On her middle finger in a polished smooth unremarkable ring with a slightly stylized hammered texture made of three interwoven metals, gold, iron and copper

If your pc is animal or has enhanced sense of smell that would detect unusual scents, something primal about her. Those who are garou would recognize the underlying trait. Wolfkin might feel a familiar presence. Kitsune get a slight suspicion only but not be fully able to place it. DONT Meta-game it otherwise as its clearly not evident in human form she doesn't stink of wolf.

Special Ability:
Aura Sight: this is a chi ability that allows her to see the auras of people, giving general aura information and the three main personality traits of a person, general mood, and sometimes other information a person might be willing to part with, entirely up to the person willing to give the information. Send tell if you wish to give this information. Note, undead and other beings with low or no life force have pale to transparent Chi.

Sense Wyrm
The difficulty depends on the concentration and strength of the Wyrm's influence. Sensing a single fomor in the next room would be difficulty easy to moderate, while detecting the stench of a Bane that was in the room an hour ago would be difficulty hard. Vampires register as Wyrm-tainted, except for those with high humanity.

Visions of Dust / Death Sight
The eyes become cloudy and pale as she attunes her vision to the ashen landscape of the Underworld. Seeing hidden dead/undead, spirits and ghosts.

Spirit Speech

This Gift allows the Garou to communicate with encountered spirits. The Garou is thus able to address them whether they wish to be adddressed or not. Of course, nothing (usually) prevents the spirit from ignoring the Theurge or leaving. Any spirit can teach this Gift.

Blood Scent
Part of the White Howlers reputation as excellent trackers stemmed from Gifts such as this one. The Garou with this Gift finds it childishly easy to track down any human, beast or supernatural being whose blood he has tasted. the Howlers parlayed this Gift into the tactic of letting a wounded enemy escape, only to unerringly track him to his lair and the rest of his clan.

The White Howlers were hardy enough to shrug off the effects of pain, but some learned the trick of letting their pain fuel them. The wounds of a White Howler actually gave him Strength, allowing him to achieve great feats Of might at the cost of his own blood.


Beth Crowley- The Dark

Karliene - Become the Beast

Lights: relate only to adult themed rp as per server rules

Red: No, beyond comfort level
breaking server rules, re-birthing, scat, urine, auto-pregnancy), amputations, vomit, permadeath without consultation, pvp (dice roll combat is fine)

Yellow: maybe, required good and extensive rp to allow
oviposit, shemales/herms, women

Green: all good and have fun with rp is important with adult themed rp
imaginative and unique is always fun rp, if an extreme fetish just send a tell.

Story orientated more than anything else and will generally go with the flow, its more about good story and play than anything else. I am very happy to go with most story plots, and pc is very much designed to handle darker plots when they come up. If I am not comfortable the pc will rp that and try to find a way out or indicate so, rather than me having hard lines in here. If you dont offer an out and try god mod then I will probably send you a tell letting you know. Generally though if the pc isnt going to go for something it will be pretty obvious and it will be roleplayed.

translation: almost anything that makes sense, send tell if unsure, vanilla to bdsm, mainly heterosexual (women is very situational and special circumstantial, and unusually takes specific situation)

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human